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    Pressurized solar collector with heat pipe

    • Serial number: ONS-HPC01/14(01-1)
    • Frost resistance: -50℃
    • Condensing side:Φ14×70mm
    • Brand: ONOSI or OEM
    • Payment: T/T or L/C
    • Delivery time: 10 days
    • Minimum order: 1 set
    • Shipping port: Shanghai or Ningbo


    1. Detailed information
    Product name:Pressurized solar collector with heat pipe
    Model number:ONS-HPC0114(01-1)
    Heat pipe solar collector uses heat pipe to heat. As dry connection, prevent water running in the pipe. Its advantages includes small heat capacity, fast heat transfer, resistant to freezing, heat shock, pressure strength, good thermal insulation, no leakage and easy maintenance, etc. The solar collector was designed as heat pipe collector for dry plugging, thus let the collector has a better performance on sealing pressure. They can be separated installation to assemble a large-scale solar collector module, solving the incapability of withstanding pressure of all-glass vacuum tube.
    This product is designed for arctic weather in Europe in recent years, it is fit for Europe, Russia and other cold areas.
    1)No water in the vacuum tube eradicates the problem of blocking by scale, prevent the pipe cracking.
    2)Strong capability of withstanding high pressure. The pressure of solar collector is set as 0.7Mpa.
    3)Through heat transfer aluminum-wing, the selective coating passes the energy to phase change heat pipe and the inside heat transfer medium passes the energy to working medium in flow channelwithin two phase transitions,
    4)The heat pipe which is one-way heat transfer has small heat capacity, low starting temperature and fast speed. Thermal conductivity of refrigerant has good compatibility with commonly used metal materials.
    5)Heat pipe has distinguishing thermal conductivities. Its thermal resistance is almost zero, resulted in 7,000 times higher than the silver material. And the heat flux could reach 26000kw / ㎡.
    6)High temperature resistance features. As the configurationof heat transfer medium useinorganic elements, even if the pipe wall temperature ≥ 300 ℃, the pipe will not burst.
    7)Heat pipe has low temperature resisting feature which enables it work under -50℃
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