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Second generation of high-performance energy storage type solar air collector has arrived

2015-09-02 11:44:51 Haining Onosi New Energy Co.,ltd. Read
Air energy solar collector,a new solar collector  not afraid of cold, no leakage, no overheating, no corrosion, no scaling, long 
life,combines the high efficiency heat collecting of vacuum tube and the stability,no-cost of medium air perfectly.
The collector consists of air deflector vacuum tubes,wind inlet manifold,wind outlet manifold,frame.
The air deflectors are put inside the air deflector the vacuum tubes.Air at ordinary temperatures goes into the diversion pipe 
through wind outlet manifold and then enters the vacuum tubes.The vacuum tubes absorb the solar energy to heat the import 
air and the heated air gets out through wind outlet manifold.
The product is wildly used in Solar heating, hot water, drying system,etc.
Air energy solar collector subverts the traditional heating supply systems,it use the air instead of water or thermal conductivity 
of liquid as the medium to transfer the heat,and integrate the heat collection and storage.It not only eliminates the easy frozen,
easy leaking,easy corrosion of the traditional solar water heater but also simplify the solar heating,drying,freezing system,and
increase the reliability of the operation of the system.
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