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Hot water for a cold winter

2012-05-21 15:37:51 Haining Onosi New Energy Co.,ltd. Read
AUSTRALIAN Hot Water Caringbah has shifted its main focus towards energy-efficient hot water options since it opened in 1989.
Managing director Dean McDonald said the company had grown since he performed his first water replacement 22 years ago. He said it was important for people to look for the best long-term products for their home and family when it came to installing energy-efficient hot water systems.
"Water heating accounts for about 30 per cent of an average household's total greenhouse gas emissions," Mr McDonald said. "A simple solution to reduce energy is a solar water heater, as it will use energy from the sun to heat water at zero cost."
The two different solar hot water systems from Edwards used by Australian Hot Water Caringbah are thermosiphon and split system.